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1) Waste Water Recycling:

Residential and Industrial

Our company believes that the water supplied to us in South Africa, should be used only for drinking. The rest of the water can be recycled in every application that requires water.

In industry and at home, we can do our part to minimize water use if we change our lifestyle slightly. The smallest changes can make a huge difference. We are fortunate in that we have accessible water. Water is available to everyone and has become a resource that we are taking for granted.

Rain water, an ample resource to sustain all life on earth. By harvesting this water, it can be used at home and in industrial applications. This is the area that we want to make a difference. Through education of the public and through our installations, our aim is to help everyone save water.

The Native American proverb understood this principle.

Save our planet
Native American Proverb

BioMicrobics® products assists home owners, businesses and corporates with grey water recycling systems, storm water filtration and decentralised sewer seperation systems.


In the shipping industry we offer marine waste water applications that recycle onboard wastewater. We ensure that the fresh water on marine vessels is used for crew consumption. The goal is to minimize wastage by recycling water used by the crew or by on board machinery. The beauty is in the outcome. Once discharged this water does not harm our oceans.

We support the marine environment with state of the art MarineFast® technology. These systems recycles on board waste water, ballast and bilge water using a series of filtration. Through this advanced scientific processes all discharges into the ocean would be thoroughly screened resulting in zero harm to the environment. Our aim is to promote environmentally friendly operations in the Maritime industry especially within Ports and Harbours.

2) Marine & Navigation:

  • Recreational & Commercial, spares & equipment,
  • BioMicrobics® Integrated Marine Wastewater Recycling Systems for Tug boats, Dredgers, recreational & commercial vessels, SciencoFast® products MarineFast®

3) Building & Construction:

  • Residential & Commercial Property Development, eco-estates [environmentally friendly green building], urban & rural development, low cost housing, renovations & property facilities management.
  • Solar Air-Conditioning Systems & Electrical Contractors, residential, commercial, industrial & marine, installation & maintenance, after sales service, Compliance Certificates, Electrical components & equipment, including Solar Systems.
  • BioMicrobics® Integrated Waste Water Treatment System, Grey Water Recycling, Decentralised Sewer Treatment Systems, Stormwater Filtration Systems

4) Project Management Consultants:

  • Waste Water Management, Marine & Navigation, Engineering, Building & Construction, PMSA

We are a South African distributor of BioMicrobics® Integrated wastewater treatment systems, marine wastewater management systems, stormwater filtration systems and decentralised sewer treatment systems.

Our competitive advantage is in our diverse profile, utilizing advanced Project Management  as a basis for professional service delivery. Our intention is to uphold and maintain exceptional quality standards. More importantly adding value by providing quality solutions and reliable end user support.

Our service is of the highest standard, superior after sales support, on time every time and within budget.

If you are interested in any of our products and services or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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