Project Management Consultants : Training & Development, Building & Construction, Engineering & Marine, Waste Water Management

We are a company that provides value for money Waste Water Recycling products and services in the Marine, Engineering, Construction & Projects sectors.

  • Building and Construction, urban and rural development, residential and commercial Property Development
  • Water and Sanitation Treatment Systems, Grey Water recycling,  Waste Water Systems, Sewer separation Systems and Storm Water Filtration, BioMicrobics®
  • Marine and Navigation, recreational, commercial and international, spares & equipment suppliers, MarineFast ® systems.
  • Project Management Consultants  in Engineering, Building & Construction, |PMSA|
  • Marine & Navigation 

Other sectors are:

  • Engineering and Fabrication in Marine & General
  • Modular prefabricated steel fabrication.

We deliver on our promise.

First of all, we specialise in waste water and sanitation treatment systems for marine, engineering and construction in residential, commercial and industrial development projects.

Secondly, we use international standards in Risk Quality and Safety in Marine, Engineering and Construction projects. This is the key success driver of our service.

About us 

We are a team of professionals with one simple goal –QUALITY.

Similarly this common factor is coupled with generations of solid experience. As a result, we are able to shape our clients’ dreams into reality.


The Marine, Engineering and Construction Projects sectors are our passion. We love to build.

Whether its building relationships with clients, steel fabrication or a renovation project, we just love building.


Our clients are guaranteed a friendly professional service at all times. We tend to be more excited than our clients during the final hand-over at commisioning stage.

Environmentally friendly 

Furthermore, we promote environmentally friendly building. Sustainable organic living, harvesting natural resources and green building are a top priority to us.


Most noteworthy, we maintain an uncompromised safety and quality conscious work standard. Consequently, we believe that through this initiative, we make a difference in the Marine, Engineering and Construction industry.

Technological Innovation

We are constantly embarking on new ways to manage safety and risk in engineering and construction project management, by keeping abreast with new technological innovations.

Furthermore, through open communication, our continuous improvement strategy and on-site awareness, we are successful.

For this reason, our customer service centres on long-term cost saving for our clients without compromising on quality.

Project Management

Thirdly, we are qualified Project Management Consultants.

Our Project Management Consultants assists clients by Providing Quality Solutions with their projects.


Their primary goal is to add value  by offering you cost effective solution and advice.

Due to the use of the latest available software and resources, we arrive at the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our team has been actively involved in the engineering and construction operations for more than twenty years.

Success rate

Likewise, by utilising these tools we are able to manage risk early on in the Project Life Cycle.

As a result, by formulating detailed safety and risk management plans, we boast a 100% success rate with our system of Project Management.

Our people

Finally and most importantly, we are fortunate to have a team of highly experienced artisans. These artisans perform exceptionally high quality work in installations and maintainance.

They consistently support management’s vision. Always providing clients with peace of mind during the project and after project execution because of their exceptional capabilities.

For this reason, this combined strength equips us to produce superior quality workmanship and an excellent execution rate in Projects. We are a multi-skilled workforce, true masters in each of our crafts.

Lastly, If you require:

  • A Green Building and Construction company,
  • Electrical or Air-conditioning Contractors,
  • Waste Water and Sanitation Treatment Systems, Marine, Residential & Commercial 
  • Certified Project Managers

Kindly get in touch with us, we are here to help.

Providing Quality Solutions