EMPACC South Africa represents  BioMicrobics®, as an initiative to provide quality solutions in water saving to South Africa. The BioMicrobics® product range addresses Waste Water recycling, Greywater reuse, Stormwater filtration & decentralised Sewerage Seperation Treatment systems. The simple application satisfies all requirements reducing our overall water consumption in residential homes, commercial businesses, schools, large industries like mines and the maritime sectors of South Africa. BioMicrobics® specializes in recycling waste water and sanitation treatment systems. BioMicrobics® is in operation for over 30 years. Their diverse products range from domestic household applications to industrial applications for both land and sea with astounding results and value. Even more, BioMicrobics® produce recycling waste water and sanitation treatment systems with proven water saving technology. These systems are simple to install and easy to maintain. Overview An overview on some of their exciting product range as well as their website links are available below for added information. Simple – Low Cost – Robust First of all, BioMicrobics® focuses on single-family, decentralized waste water and sanitation treatment systems into a multi-faceted corporation. They provide advanced wastewater, water, greywater, and stormwater treatment systems serving diverse markets all over the world. Waste water recycling BioMicrobics Scienco/FAST® and SeptiTech® Scienco/FAST® and SeptiTech® are both subsidiaries of BioMicrobics® with the same goal, to deliver waste water and sanitation treatment systems solutions. Energy Efficiency
Evidently proven with helping clean the water in our world and producing simple, low cost, and robust technologies. Due to this, the product range abundantly show case innovative designed devices and products that deliver. For this reason, BioMicrobics® ultimately aims at highly-effective, low maintenance and energy-efficient recycling waste water and sanitation treatment systems. Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies Consequently there exists a worldwide emphasis on environmental concerns and improving water quality. BioMicrobics pre-engineered, pre-packaged, and certified, “Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies” (FITT®) are the result of decades of real-world operating history. These proven results offer significant environmental benefit that are FITT® for the Purpose Intended. Residential- small waste water and sanitation treatment systems Undoubtedly, a popular alternative to conventional septic systems, our products are sure to meet any of your residential needs. All it takes is a simple upgrade to deliver high levels of treatment. More importantly to enhance a conventional septic system or to renovate a biologically failed septic system. Number 1 selling product Comparitively this number 1 selling product provides advanced wastewater treatment options beyond those of the conventional septic system alternative. Precisely engineered to fit most treatment capacities for one or multiple homes. Greatly exceeding effluent requirements found in local regulations, this system produces high-quality effluent that provides new opportunities for wastewater reuse projects. “Providing Quality Solutions