Marine Engineering Navigation & Safety Scienco/Fast® Products, subsidiary of BioMicrobics® MarineFAST® Marine Sewage Treatment Systems and offshore sewage treatment systems that are built to handle extreme environments. Most noteworthy is that ALL MarineFAST® units are fully certified by IMO regulations.
MarineFAST® is a fixed film aerobic wastewater treatment system designed for the space and treatment standards of a maritime vessel, as either a new complete system or a way to retrofit an existing system. Modular This new economical, lightweight and modular design is ideal for small commercial vessels. Similarly it is strong and corrosion-resistant and for this reason it will fit under the stairway of any tug engine room. Furthermore, modular, steel units will handle crews of up to 60 persons and will fit into shaft alleys and other spaces with low headroom and restricted access. Other models like the MX are assembled versions of the M-Series; Notably, these compact package units are ideal for workboats, dredgers, offshore vessels and structures, and other commercial vessels. For larger crews, these flexible designs offer the ultimate in strength, corrosion resistance and performance. For this reason, they are available in bolt-together modular form for installation aboard existing vessels, such as ferries, off-shore platforms and ore carriers. Marine Safety Equipment Supplier We supply the local maritime industry with flares, electronic safety equipment, life jackets, Personal Protective Equipment, first aid kit replenishment. All safety related equipment in accordance with your vessel classification. Aids to Navigation Supplier  ALL equipment classified as aids to Navigation, like LED lanterns, solar panels, regulators, batteries, chains, concrete blocks, anchors, shackles, fabricated brackets, day markers, and stainless steel. Marine We are based in close proximity to both Durban and Richards Bay ports of South Africa, with a good understanding of the market and local suppliers. Some of the equipment available are poly-rope, stranded wire rope, fire hose couplings, flanges, gangways, nautical Safety equipment,  fenders and fabrication of stainless steel. We will facilitate the best supply source if required in:
  • Marine Electrical supplies, switchgear, transformers, cable
  • Diesel Engine supplies,  injectors, valves, starters
  • Marine Safety Equipment and electronic devices.
  • Ship Chandling
  • Belleville Boots and JALLATTE Safety footwear
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