Training & Development

Employees are a company’s biggest asset. Investment through Training & Development in your companies employees is a vital ingredient from staff retention to sustainability, business growth and success.

The Main Ingredient, in an African context

Recruitment is a drawn out, lengthy & tedious process, more especially when sourcing or hiring suitably qualified staff. The initial caring aspect about employees stops soon after the date of appointments’ effective. The exercise of replacing talent can cost a company a lot more than it would cost to retain its employees.

A recent report revealed that 40% of the workforce comprises of millennials. By 2025 the growth estimate is projected to 70%. However, the turnover rate for millennial employees is very high, approximately 50% of millennials don’t plan on working for the same company a year from now. It is estimated that employee replacement costs total more than 150% of a worker’s annual salary. This cause and effect is aggravated by a lack of workplace engagement.

Globally, employee turnover costs our economy hundreds of billions each year. The internal economic detriment proves to be brutal, in both small and large organisations. It’s a very costly mistake that companies make, one that can be easily avoided.

Companies dedicated to training & development fosters employee engagement, a critical aspect to your company’s financial performance.

Companies that engage in staff development realise an increase in productivity. Sales and profit margins double when compared to companies that didn’t engage in employee development at all.

It is clear that investing in your staff’s professional development is a vital ingredient for team retention. Furthermore this can be elaborated to the point that more than 80% of employees would prefer to stay at a company longer if the company invested in their career development.

In an increasingly competitive business arena, improving your team’s performance is imperative within evolving markets. Employee development and training is no longer an additional perk reserved only for senior management , it is the essential ingredient for the growth of your business and the workforce that drives it.

The fruits of employee development is in the visible marketing, improved customer services, and solid work ethic.

We are accredited by various regulatory bodies to assess & moderate and facilitate Skills Development.

Our approach to training is simple. We understand the importance of quality education. As a service provider we ensure maximum attention is delivered in all our courses.

Corporate training programs are available for company team building sessions, induction or orientation for new employees, skills development matrix, as well as coaching and mentoring teams.

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